SAHWA Event in Madrid: Youth Unemployment in the Arab Mediterranean Countries

Last September 29, Education for Employment Europe (EuropEFE) hosted a SAHWA event entitled “Youth Unemployment in the Arab Mediterranean Countries: Matching labour supply and demand”. The event consisted in a round-table with experts who discussed on today’s youth challenges in terms of education, employment and migration in the Arab Mediterranean countries (AMCs).

Aldo Olcese (Chairman, EuropEFE, Madrid) and Elena Sánchez-Montijano (SAHWA Scientific Coordinator, CIDOB, Barcelona) introduced the event and Salvatore Nigro (Vice-president, EFE-Global; CEO, EuropEFE, Madrid) was the moderator.

Özgehan Şenyuva, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations at the Middle East Technical University (METU- Ankara) dealt with the challenges in the education sector.

Slim Zeghal, CEO of Altea Packaging (Tunisia) talked about the “The hiring challenge”. As the AMCs become more and more involved in global economy, new skills are required, but regional education systems are failing to prepare students to successfully find and maintain a decent job.

Finally, Elena Sánchez-Montijano analysed the relationship between unemployment and human flows across the Mediterranean. She particularly focused on the way youth unemployment in the AMCs affects migration patterns worldwide.

These presentations were followed by Q & A with the audience, after which Salvatore Nigro closed the event.

Download the event agenda here

* Language: English, under the Chatham House Rule.  Access to the event: by invitation only.

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