SAHWA’s Policy Paper on youth unemployment in Egypt now online!

Entitled “A Ticking Bomb: Egypt’s Youth Unemployment”, this policy report was written by Bahgat Korany, Mostafa El-Sayyad, Basma Serag (American University in Cairo).

This paper is focused on surveying the youth unemployment problem, its evolution, patterns and prospects (including gender aspects). Data have also been extensively utilised to support such analysis. The paper thus aims to offer full coverage by capitalising on both quantitative (SAHWA Youth Survey) and qualitative (SAHWA Ethnographic Fieldwork) data, collected within the framework of the SAHWA Project. The analysis concludes with discussing a new presidential initiative -the PLP (the Presidential Leadership Program) that is supposed to be a milestone to deal with youth problems, as it is designed principally to prepare youth to hold leadership positions in government and ministries.


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