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In the framework of the SAHWA Project, the SAHWA team publishes a series of five National Case Studies. These studies were carried out by SAHWA Southern Mediterranean partners, namely the American University in Cairo (AUC, Egypt), the Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement (CREAD, Algeria), the Lebanese American University (LAU), HEM Business School – Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management (HEM, Morocco) and the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR, Tunisia).

In line with SAHWA’s methodology -based on a mixed method- these National Case Studies (NCS) summarise the main findings coming from the Ethnographic Fieldwork and SAHWA Youth Survey with a focus on the national level. In other words, the NCS are a first synthesis of the analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data collected in each country, conducted by National Research teams. On one hand, guided by the same research questions and a common questionnaire, the quantitative method allowed our researchers to measure commonalities and differences between and across countries. On the other hand, qualitative methods (focus group, life-story, narrative interview and focused ethnography) were used according to an ethnographic perspective to understand and deepen the description of the complex social processes behind various social phenomena.

Basically, every National Case Studies are structured following the clusters identified by the research project: education and socialisation, economy and employment, political participation and engagement as well as culture and values in young people. These four selected clusters were enriched by two other cross-cutting research topics: gender and migration.

National Case studies, therefore, may be unique in terms of their geographical location and are the main goal of the second research stage at national level. Reports combine the data obtained by the survey and ethnographic fieldwork and put them in front of the mirror, in order to draw a picture of the lives of youngsters in the five countries under analysis: Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt and Lebanon.

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- Lebanon;

- Morocco;

- Tunisia;

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