Khamsa, the SAHWA Documentary, presented in Radio Nacional de España

Elena Sánchez-Montijano (SAHWA Scientific coordinator - CIDOB) and Marc Almodóvar (Khamsa Director) were interviewed in Radio Nacional 3, at the programme “Mediterraneo”.

During the emission, interviewees discussed about the documentary and its protagonists. Each of these five youngsters has different lives, stories and challenges. Both interviewees explained these realities in line with the topics covered by the SAHWA Project, such as education, migration, employment, culture, civil and political engagement and gender. The documentary, as a product of the Project, tries to present also the context where these five stories take place and the environment where these young people construct their lives.

The programme, hosted by Pilar Sampietro, gives an interesting overview of Khamsa through the comments of Elena based on the analysis carried out in the SAHWA project framework and the experience of Marc during the making of the film.

Listen the full programme here (in Spanish only)


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