KHAMSA, the SAHWA documentary, on the Radio

Elena Sanchez-Montijano (SAHWA Scientific coordinator - CIDOB), Marc Almodóvar (Khamsa Director) and Jose Sanchez García (Khamsa Coordinator - UDL) were interviewed in Radio Nacional 3, at the programme “Coordenadas”.


During the emission, interviewees addressed not only the main topics of the documentary but also the different challenges the youth is facing in the Arab Mediterranean Countries. In particular, some interesting results from the SAHWA Ethnographic Fieldwork and Survey, carried out during the project, were discussed with the radio reporter. Topics such as migration, education or employment were presented, focusing on young people in the region. Regarding this latter, it was highlighted that one of the main problems for youngsters in the southern shore of the Mediterranean, is the high level of unemployment and the lack of opportunities they have to access to labour market. Also, it was pointed out that the informal labour market is a significant source of income for most of them.


Members of the SAHWA Project were further asked about how the fieldwork was carried out, as well as issues like the link between education and employment, or the push factors that motivate young people to migrate.


Listen the full programme here (in Spanish only)

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